Is TaskRabbit Legit? Or A Scam?

TaskRabbit Review

The TaskRabbit, created by joint effort of Jason Finley, is a foolproof, market-driven strategy to step up the CPA commissions in a jiffy, by utilizing the power of Bing ads. The process is based on the simple premise of targeted advertising, but instead of Google, it employs Bing, as the latter hosts a more affiliate-friendly platform, and runs high quality of traffic.

TaskRabbit is a complete tutorial package, which teaches users how to establish themselves in the CPA network and create suitable strategies to setup promotional offers as well as ads, in a way that carves out a unique niche for their business, admist the neck-to-neck competition. With a step-by-step guide on targeting strategies, ad copy tools and intensive keyword research mechanisms, the CPA profits attempts to enlighten users on the proper way to establish a firm foothold in the online world.

If you have tried advertising on Facebook, then you know that there are a lot of variables that come into play. And still, you end up paying much more compared to the results that you get.

And if you’re an intermediate advertiser, then you already know that there might be a limit to how much you can scale your conversions. But that’s not true, because there is something like an 80-90% conversion rate, and there are people who are getting that.

TaskRabbit claims that they can teach you how to bump your conversion rates so you can increase your CPA profits.

But does it?

That’s what we’re here to find out


What is TaskRabbit?

Created by Jason Finley, CPA profits is a unique and well-tested strategy, developed with the motive to generate enormous CPA commissions, through the use of Bing Ads, in order to drive targeted, dirt cheap traffic to CPA promotions and offers. This method no doubt is a foolproof way to make a killing through your online business and soar with sky high revenues. The process is simple and explained with the help of pdfs, as well as video tutorials, in a step-by-step manner, so that even a novice can implement it successfully.

This product is exceptionally tailored to match a huge variety of niches, like CPA, paid traffic, general IM, traffic and niche marketing. TaskRabbit show you how to take advantage of Facebook and Bing, to setup powerful campaigns and opt for lucrative promotions, in order to crush the CPA value, akin to real experts. It unravels certain strategies to get you absorbed in CPA networks, as well as the crucial ways to set up promotional ads. With optimal strategies to target your ads and maximize the conversions, you can sleep through the day while you make money by the hour.

TaskRabbit Features

Here are a few details of what is featured in the TaskRabbit Reviews:

CPA profits guide you in the various ways to drive sky high quality user traffic, by utilizing Bing ads, for as less as only $0.01 per click! With an initial deposit of $10, you can kickstart your CPA commissions in no time.
Through online webinars, video tutorials and picturised pdfs, it reveals the proven strategies to get you into any popular CPA network and strategize your promotional ads in a way, that delivers you with maximum conversion rates.
You will uncover the foolproof techniques to obtain 200-350% of ROI on consistent rate. All these can be possible even with a simple starting budget of $10.
CPA profits teaches you how to link with Bing Ads directly, and metes out two powerful secrets, exact targeting tools and ad copy, to dramatically double and triple your conversions within a single week.
CPA Profits give you an edge over your rivals, by its superior keyword research methods, that target your business particularly and carves a niche for the same. This is super fast as it takes only a few minutes.
It lets you carry out simple tracking, to dominate the CPA offers and scale up your profits.
All throughout the session, you are guided in a step-by-step fashion that keeps you glued to the concept and helps you to follow along, with any ambiguity.

How Does TaskRabbit Work?

In TaskRabbit, you will learn how to market your target audience to ensure that they are engaging with you on the fanpage, and are also purchase the products that you promote. If you’ve been around Facebook, then you have definitely noticed that there is a rising trend of Fanpage videos.

These videos get a ton of views and definitely is one of the best ways to increase your conversions.

And that’s what you will be learning in Facebook CPA Profits.

You will learn how to create your videos and post them to make sure that the video “organically” reaches a lot of people. And to take it up a notch, you will advertise it to give that extra bump to increase your CPA profits.

Lastly, you will also learn all about the basic FB advertising tricks and tips to make sure that your targeting is perfect that will yield penny clicks, as opposed to dollar clicks.

Once you master all of that, you will soon learn that there is a way to get $0.01 likes while advertising on Facebook. There are some people who are doing that.

TaskRabbit Review – Conclusion

TaskRabbit is certainly not a gimmick or scam, as it ensures an all-round success through online business, as soon as you master its principles and start implementing them. The results are instant and you can expect to make monstrous CPA commissions through effective Bing ads, in no time As an extra user-friendly feature, CPA profits also offer a 100% money back guarantee, so if you fail to reap the profits, you can always ask for a return. The strategy put together by CPA profits are tested to work for a long period of time, and does not disappear overnight. With its comprehensive ideas on targeted online adverstising, user-friendly linking strategies, as well as notions to dominate CPA offers at all times, the CPA profits is surely here to stay and become a huge hit.

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